Gadget Trial English Patch

Title: Gadget Trial demo patch (English) / Gadget Trial full version patch (English)
Version: v1.0 / v1.1/ v1.1 for retail version (Revised April 2008)
Operating Environment: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Released: August 2006 / December 2006








We understand that Kogado is no longer distributing the update patch which is required to apply our translation patch. To address this, we have made a version of the patch that works on the game that comes out of the box. To get the patch, just check 'Downloads'.

(April 2008: The 'out of the box' patch has been updated to correct an issue with the md5 checksum)


Translation: AstCd2
Programming: Clammerz, zalas
Image Editing : AstCd2, dovac
Quality Control: Clammerz, evilpigking, furinkan, madgat
Documentation: AstCd2, zalas


Known Issues

  • A menu display error has been known to occasionally occur during combat. This error does not affect the functionality of the menu and should not prevent the player from completing the stage. Given the difficulty of reliably replicating this error and its minimal impact on playability, we have decided not to address this issue at this point.
  • At certain lines, two clicks rather than one are required to proceed. Frankly, we're pretty stumped on how to fix this, but we don't picture it being a major issue.



1. The copyright in the bodies of work comprising of the translated English text and code contained within this patch belongs to the translator and programmer respectively (2006).

2. The copyright in the bodies of work comprising of the code, images and original Japanese text contained within this program belongs to Kogado Software (Kuma-san Team) (2006).

3. None of the persons above is in any way liable or responsible for any harm whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the use of this patch.

4. This patch may not be used in the absence of the user's consent to the above condition.